Noel Daly RIP

Hi all,
It is with great sadness that I am informing you that our Honorary Chairman Noel Daly passed away last night after a short illness.
Noel was also  a member of FAI General Assembly and was also on the FAI Audit Risk and Finance committee.
Our thoughts and prayers are  with Noel’s wife Miriam and her family at this sad time,
funeral arrangements will be posted on later
May he Rest In Peace
Peter Connolly
Hon.Sec.Amateur Football League

Ashbourne United FC for 2022

Ashbourne United looking to organise friendlies on the following dates home or away

Saturday – 5th, 12th , 19th & 26th February

Contact Allan on 0868249390 if interested

player Registration and player transfer deadline

To All Secretaries,

The deadline for signing players and  transferring players is tomorrow the 30th September. 2021
You will not be able to sign or transfer players after that date for the remainder of our season.
Peter Connolly
Hon.Sec.Amateur Football League

LFA EGM 5th Oct 2021

As notified by email on Wednesday September 15th, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Leinster Football Association will take place on Tuesday October 5th at 7-30pm and will be held virtually through Zoom
Attached are a list of proposed rule changes as well as the agenda for the meeting
Can you please forward this to your clubs and members and post on website and  social media
Members entitled to attend are as follows
  • LFA Officers
  • LFA Senior Council
  • One member from each affiliated league
  • One member from each affiliated club
Can your league pass on this email to your clubs and members and inform them that anyone interested in attending must register to attend by emailing by Monday October 4th at 12 noon.
I will send the link for the meeting on Tuesday morning to all Officers, Senior Council members and any league and club who have registered to attend
If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me

Peter Doyle
Leinster Football Association

Provincial Administrator / General Secretary
Mobile:086 77008

Office:   01 8999330 (Office currently closed)

Leinster Football Association
FAI Headquarters
National Sports Campus
Dublin 15

FAI updates on COVID- 19 guidelines and return to indoor training


FAI updates clubs on COVID-19 guidelines and return to indoor training
The Football Association of Ireland has notified all stakeholders of a number of changes to COVID-19 protocols that will come into effect from September 21 to October 22 under the Government’s latest ‘Reframing the Challenge, Continuing our Recovery and Reconnecting’ programme.

As Ireland continues to emerge from the effects of the current pandemic, the FAI has reminded all players, coaches, officials and volunteers to continue to practice mask wearing indoors, practice good hand sanitation, engage in appropriate cough and sneezing etiquette and respect 2 metre social distancing.

New protocols will also come into effect on indoor training from September 21, in pods of six players with a maximum of two coaches.

The Association has also informed stakeholders that the new Government plan will feature a significant shift from regulation and guideline to one of personal responsibility and urges abidance with this policy.

All protocol updates are in line with the latest Government guidelines and the FAI again thanks all stakeholders for their ongoing diligence in the fight against COVID-19. The FAI will update these protocols before the transition period expires on October 22.

Key measures to note from September 21 to October 22 include:


  • Do not show up to participate, coach, manage, referee, or work at a venue/workplace if you are unwell – check with your GP first and get tested if in any doubt.
  • Only team players, match officials and support staff are allowed in dressing rooms for a maximum period of 15 minutes.
  • Wear face mask in all indoor settings.
  • Sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Observe 2 metre social distancing in dressing rooms and all indoor facilities at all times.
  • Clear signage is to be displayed on capacities and spacing in dressing rooms.
  • Hand sanitization stations to be placed at each dressing room entrance.
  • A clear flow management plan for dressing rooms to be in use.
  • Practice good coughing and sneezing etiquette.
  • Showers are best avoided if possible in the transition period.
  • If shower use is unavoidable, only use every second cubicle/shower head with a maximum of 5 minutes allowed in the shower.
  • A COVID-19 Risk Assessment must be carried out by all clubs in advance of any resumption of training/matches and/or facility reopening.
  • FAI Risk Assessment Template can be found here – FAI Risk Assessment Template
  • The Risk Assessment must be reviewed in advance of training/matches returning, dressing rooms reopening and kept up to date at all times.

Indoor Training

  • Indoor training is permitted in pods of six players and maximum two coaches up to October 22.
  • Indoor training areas for each pod must measure a minimum of 96 square metres.
  • A buffer zone two metres wide must exist between each pod where multiple pods of six players are training.
  • All indoor training areas must be suitably ventilated at all times.
  • Multiple training sessions can take place concurrently once venue is big enough.
  • Players and coaches do not have to be vaccinated to train indoors.
  • Hand sanitizer must be available at all indoor training areas.
  • Spectator numbers are limited to the venue’s social distancing guidelines.
  • All spectators must adhere to 2 metre social distancing.
  • In relation to Gyms and Training Facilities within clubs, these may operate in line with the broader permissions for indoor facilities.
  • Appropriate protective measures and COVID protocols should be in place.

Additional Guidance

  • Since the emergence of COVID 19 football has developed and implemented a wide range of protocols and protective measures to limit the transmission of COVID 19 and ensure the safety of participants, volunteers, staff and spectators.
  • As mandatory restrictions unwind football should continue to manage COVID-19 on the basis that it will likely continue to be constantly present into the foreseeable future.
  • Football should seek to maintain overarching structures and basic protective measures throughout the Winter season.
  • These include the use of COVID 19 Officers, recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities, the ongoing promotion of good respiratory & hand hygiene along with the wearing a face coverings in relevant settings and considering indoor space densities and duration of indoor activities.

Transport To and From Activities & Events

  • While Public transport is operating at full capacity, Private Coach Tour activity is limited at 75% capacity with protective measures.
  • Football clubs/league organising transport to/from events should implement private Coach Tour capacities (75%).
  • Protective measures such as physical distancing, mask wearing etc. should also be implemented.
  • In line with the return of public and private transport participants may wish to return to the use of carpooling.
  • Private transport carrying those not yet vaccinated or of mixed immunity should be aware of the higher risk. The use of appropriate face coverings is recommended.
  • If carpooling consider use of a pod system in which the same participants pool together for all activities.

The guidlines can be viewed and downloaded below:

FAI Grassroots emag


FAI Launches Second Edition of Grassroots eMag
The Football Association of Ireland has today launched the second edition of its FAI Grassroots eMag and made it available to affiliates, clubs and other stakeholders all across the country.

Celebrating the success of the Return to Play programme across all levels of the game, the new edition also celebrates the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools initiative.

The late NDSL President Liam Farrell is remembered fondly by editor Eamon Scott alongside articles on many of the FAI Grassroots and Football For All programmes.

Writing the forward to the second edition of FAI Grassroots, President Gerry McAnaney said: “Our new FAI Grassroots magazine is published at a time of great excitement for Irish football across all strands of our game in this, the Centenary year of our Association. The Return to Play is now well underway and it has been wonderful on my visits to clubs around the country to see so many players, young and old, back on the pitch. Our game is the biggest participation sport in Ireland and that is something we should celebrate. We missed football during the pandemic lockdowns so we should enjoy this return to action and shout it from the rooftops.”

The latest edition of FAI Grassroots is available online at and via download here: FAI Grassroots eMag.