Below is email issued from FAI Connect with details of workshops to be held for clubs in October

Please pass on to your clubs and encourage them to register as quickly as possible. In Leinster there are three workshops, two in Dublin and one in Carlow. The two in Dublin are on October 24th at 3pm and 7pm while the one in Carlow is on October 26th at 7pm

As you can see from the overview, the workshops are very detailed and will be important in ensuring your clubs are in a position to use this system efficiently

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me



Hi All,


As discussed in previous meetings,  Please see the below email which can be distributed to all of your leagues & we encourage all leagues to forward onto all your clubs at your earliest convenience.


As you aware the Football Association of Ireland is migrating to a new Football Management System (FMS) to replace FAInet.

We would like to present to you the demo version of FAI Connect (Powered by COMET) which will be our new Football Management System going forward.


We have planned a series of Workshop dates across October & November. We will use this time to demonstrate the Player Registration Process for clubs going forward, show how the league fits within this process & further demonstrate the competition management features along with player data reporting and match day apps.


Please see the following Link to our Booking System for these planned Workshops > BOOKING LINK


The below is an overview of what the Workshop will run through, we encourage all Clubs to get to at least 1 of the scheduled Workshops.


All attendee’s will follow along as the FMS team takes them through a real time presentation of the below.


  1. Introduction to the FAI Connect (COMET) system.  
  2. How to view Currently Registered Players
  3. How to Register Players (New Players/ Transfers).
  4. How to assign Player’s to a Competition i.e. Submit U13 Premier Squad List.
  5. DEMO Environment – CLUBS will be asked to log into the test version of FAI Connect. They will be asked to test Register a player.
  6. Question & Answer Session to cover any additional queries and additional functions that are available on COMET. 


Workshop Rules

  1. Please keep questions on topic and related to COMET
  2. Please be respectful of other attendees and the staff presenting the Workshop
  3. Bring Laptop/iPad/Tablet to access COMET Demo.


Kind Regards,


Peter Doyle
Leinster Football Association

Provincial Administrator / General Secretary
Mobile:086 77008

Office:   01 8999330 (Office currently closed)

Web:    www.leinsterfa.ie

Leinster Football Association

FAI Headquarters

National Sports Campus


Dublin 15

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