Connect & COMET

Most of the answers to your questions about using COMET and Connect are below.


  • Primary Contact – Allan Williamson 086 8249390
  • Secondary Contact – Ellen Tyrrell 085 8307048

Login to Connect

FAIConnect Login

CLUB ADMINistration

Add your club’s profile, types, teams, registrations, kits, and officials.

Coach/Staff Registration

Officials Registration

Club Contact Information

Setting up a new user account to your club

Creating your Club Kit Colours

Adding a new venue to your club profile

Amateur Player Registration

All players and football types across all amateur leagues.

The 4 steps to registering a player are:

  1. ENTERED – Requires signed registration form to save as submitted.
  2. SUBMITTED – Awaiting FAI approval.
  3. APPROVED – Requires €3 Connect registration fee paid.
  4. CONFIRMED – Can then be entered into AFL competition.

Creating a new player on FAI Connect

Registering a player from another club to your club

How to Check your Club for Currently Registered Players

Player Competition Registration

Allocate registered players into squads and teams to be eligible to play in competitions.

Registering your player list to the League/Cup Competition

Entering team lineup on match day

Guide to adding players through COMET App

Video Walkthrough to adding players through COMET App

mobile apps

COMET – Required to add team lineup’s

The link has download instructions, tutorial video and FAQ that will show you everything you need.

CONNECT ISSUES/ troubleshooting

If you have access to FAI Connect, please Open a new ticket here within the Help section.

If you do not have have access to FAI Connect or have any further questions or queries contact us at