See below link to Texaco Sports Grants.  Closing date is 31st December.



Texaco Support for Sport

Until the Texaco Support for Sport initiative closes on 31 st December 2020.. Applications are invited from sports clubs only and not from individual sports clubs members.


Who is eligible to enter this promotion?

Sporting bodies who have been granted tax exemption under Section 235 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 and are featured on a list published by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners on 22nd June 2020 are eligible to apply. See www.revenue.ie/en/companies-and-charities/charities-and-sports-bodies for details.

What is the prize and what does it consist of?

There will be a prize for every county in the Republic of Ireland. One sports club per county will win a cash prize of €5,000 (Five thousand euros).

How many prizes are available to be won?

There will be 1 (one) prize per county in the Republic of Ireland. The total amount of prizes are 26 (Twenty Six).

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