Please See the link below for more Information on FAInet
FAInet Demo Video

Workshop Info

Workshops usually last 60-90 mins

Check list for the workshops

If clubs do not have laptops, please advise them to bring an iPad/Tablet/ Smart Phone device which they can also access FAInet from. The bigger the screen the easier it will be to use the system.

The maximum number of participants per workshop would be 15. This is to ensure appropriate contact time with each club and ensure all questions are answered before the end.

What to expect from the Workshops;

Clubs will learn why the FAInet system has been brought about
Clubs will learn how to Register Players onto the system manually
Clubs will learn how to Assign players to their squads (this will be the new method of registering for the league).
The League will learn how to administer the system from their point of view (practising approving players & granting eligibility to play).
Everyone will be shown the FAInet support page which contains easy to read guides & tutorial videos in case any info was forgotten from the night

Get an FAInet Account

If club administrators need to be set up on FAInet, please email fainet@fai.ie with subject “Account Request”.

We will need you to provide the following:

Full Name
Date of Birth (to eliminate duplicates)
Contact Number
Club Name

Leagues Registering players for (please include if registering players into more than just 1 league).
Once received we can then create their FAInet account, issue their log ins & attach any support material needed.