FAI return to training update

Dear Secretary
Below is an email from the FAI regarding return to training on May 10th which is now full contact training for pods of 15 while matches can return on June 7th
To facilitate this, the FAI are hosting a Webinar for club Covid-19 Officers which will be held next Monday at 6pm. The link to this meeting is below and it is important that clubs register in advance and must do so by Monday at 12pm

The link to register is here – https://forms.office.com/r/cAnWY9Dh6N

I am writing to confirm that our Return to Training on May 10th is for contact training in pods of 15 (inclusive of coaches) for all underage, youth and adult players. Our updated protocol will reflect this and issue later this week.

Also, we will host a webinar on Monday 10th May at 6pm which is open to one representative, ideally a COVID-19 Compliance Officer, from each Grassroots Club. This will focus on the Youth and Adult teams who can now plan to resume training from Monday 10th May.


The link to register is here – https://forms.office.com/r/cAnWY9Dh6N

Please share this with your affiliated leagues and clubs and request that they register no later than 12noon on Monday.


it is important all clubs have a representative attend this webinar if find out what is required for the return to training and then ultimately return to playing matches

Peter Connolly

Hon. Sec Amateur Football League

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