FAI NET WEBINARS For calendar season clubs

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The FAInet team will be presenting 2 webinars on Tuesday 15th February & Thursday 24th February at 7pm for any club administrators who need a refresher course or are new to the system. The event is free of charge and requires registration by either of the links below for your desired date. If you have any further questions, please email fainet@fai.ie and one of the team can assist you with any system-based queries.


Please register to either of the webinars that suit you, both Webinars are scheduled for a 7pm Start.


Webinar 1 – Tuesday 15th February 7pm – https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/J4TEMnpsjU-111CSOsx7tw,nGnP7_6wR0y-nY7mvw58Nw,cPYowdhe0kaZPVQrMEzPNQ,P5ixzveiBUy22x9XLC75lA,KLovkJ0F4UeX1EEMfjaNJA,aKUIlAj2nUOJsa-N0-Rulw?mode=read&tenantId=32c48427-6c7a-4f8d-b5d7-50923acc7bb7


Webinar 2 – Thursday 24th February 7pm– https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/J4TEMnpsjU-111CSOsx7tw,nGnP7_6wR0y-nY7mvw58Nw,cPYowdhe0kaZPVQrMEzPNQ,NLCnNrMIRE-ryFIen_5zFQ,GMIXTp0FgEme2SH9-fp3og,ILWd3qdvW0K49rAsoCoMDg?mode=read&tenantId=32c48427-6c7a-4f8d-b5d7-50923acc7bb7


You will then be given a link to the FAInet Webinar hosted through Microsoft teams. You will be able to open this for free on your web browser on the night – see guide attached for more information.


The below is an overview of what the webinar will run through, they are free & we welcome anyone who is unsure of the registration process on FAInet.


All FAInet webinar participants will follow along as the FAInet team takes them through a real time presentation of the below. Time will be allocated at the end of the Webinar for live questions and answers.

  1. Introduction to the FAInet System
  2. Overview of FAI Handbook ruling on Player Registration – Section 6 Part 1 of the FAI Handbook (https://www.fai.ie/domestic/governance/fai-handbook)
  3. How to Create Squads on FAInet for the 2022 Calendar Season
  4. How to Assign Returning Players to a Squad.
  5. How to Register a Brand-New Player (First Issue) & Transfer of a Player (Free Agent/In-season)
  6. How to Check the Applications you have submitted to your League.
  7. Users will learn how to generate a Batch Registration Form & Filtered form
  8. Users will learn how to upload a Completed Registration form in compliance with FAI Handbook Section 6
  9. In addition, users will be given a Question & Answer Session to cover any additional queries and additional functions that are available on FAInet.


Webinar Rules

  1. Please keep your microphone muted until the Q&A session.
  2. You are welcome to have your camera turned on/off.
  3. Please keep questions on topic and related to FAInet.
  4. Please be respectful of other attendees and the people presenting the webinar.



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Cormac Moussally

FAInet Support

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