Dear Secretary,


Please be advised that entry for the FAI Junior Cup 2022/2023 has now opened. The closing date for entries for this competition is August 21st, 2022. Due to the timelines, entries will not be accepted past this date under any circumstances.


Can league secretaries circulate this email to all their affiliated clubs and please include the attached guide for payment and entry. Please see provisional fixture (weekending) dates for this competition below. Fixtures for each round can be played before the dates referenced below where required and feasible.


Competition FAI Junior Cup
Preliminary Round 11/09/2022
Round 1 25/09/2022
Round 2 16/10/2022
Round 3 06/11/2022
Round 4 27/11/2022
Round 5 22/01/2023
Round 6 12/02/2023
Quarter Finals 05/03/2023
Semi Finals 02/04/2023
Final 30/04/2023


For club secretaries

Please see the below links and the attached step-by-step guide for the payment process and entry form. Please read this guide as it contains information and images for each step of the process should you have any issues.


Below is the link for payment followed by the entry form link. Please complete the payment link first as a reference code is required in the entry form from the receipt email you will receive upon making payment. The reference code must be entered in the first portion of entry form to continue. Please note, all information in relation to this process is contained within the attached guide.


FAI Junior Cup 2022/23 – Payment Link

(Please complete payment link before entry form)


FAI Junior Cup 2022/23 – Entry Form


Once you have completed payment and used the reference code at the start of the entry form, please complete the remaining club details and select submit. There will be no receipt email upon completion of the entry form so please take a screenshot/image of the ‘entry received’ page. It is the responsibility of the club secretary to review all answers and make sure all information is clear and accurate.


The cost of entry for the year’s competition is €30.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me garret.higgins@fai.ie if you require any additional information.



Garret Higgins

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