Covid Funding Support

Below is an email that has just issued from the FAI regarding Covid Support funding.  please submit  your expression of interest once the process goes live

Dear Club


The Football Association of Ireland, in conjunction with Sport Ireland, are pleased to announce that a Grassroots Club funding support scheme will be launched in the coming weeks to support clubs dealing with the financial impact of Covid-19 in 2021. The scheme will offer financial assistance to qualifying clubs who suffered a financial impact in 2021 (Jan – Dec 2021) due to the Covid -19 Pandemic. Funded elements to be supported via the scheme will be included in the application process but will follow a similar pattern to that in 2020 with only minor changes to eligible elements. 


The Scheme will require all interested Clubs to first complete an Expression of Interest form which will ask for updated contact details and other pertinent information regarding each club. Following the registration process, registered Clubs will be directly emailed a link to the Scheme Application where they will submit their full application for funding support.


In a significant change from the 2020 scheme, clubs seeking support will now be required to submit all supporting information with their application. The application will be completed online and will allow applicants to upload their supporting documents for specific questions. Ahead of the application process beginning, we would advise Clubs to begin the collection process of gathering relevant financial documents from 2021.


A list of documents that *could be required is outlined below (*depending on what elements a club applies for).


  • 2021 Club Account (or) 2021 Treasurers Report (or) 2021 Income & Expenditure ReportDocuments must be signed by at least two members of the Club Committee.
  • 2019 Club Account (or) 2019 Treasurers Report (or) 2019 Income & Expenditure ReportDocuments must be signed by at least two members of the Club Committee.
  • Receipts, Invoices, Proof of Purchase for equipment purchased in 2021. These documents must be dated in 2021 and must clearly outline the purpose of the spend.


This is not a full and final document listing as each Club will have different circumstances which may result in further documents being required. However, if Clubs can begin to collect these documents now, it will allow for less issues for Clubs once the application process begins. 


Please keep an eye on your email, FAI communications and social media over the next couple of weeks where the launch of the Scheme will be formally announced.


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