Clarification on when players from winter leagues become free agents

To All clubs,

There has been a lot of confusion when Players in winter leagues become free agents .
Comet /Fai Connect have clarified the situation.
Players from winter leagues become free agents  from the 1st June 2023 for this year only.and from 2024 it will be 1st of July  and the winter season will run up to the end of June 2024.
Players signing up with teams in The AFL will need to be terminated by their old club,
If players want to return to the winter league for the 2023/2024 season  They must transfer back by 21st September 2023. or wait until January 2024.
For players looking to Transfer from one over 35 team to another can only happen from 1st July until 28th July 2023
Hope this helps
Peter Connolly
Hon.Sec.Amateur Football League


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